Wicked Games – Bedroom Economics

  Oh, the joys of managerial economics, as taught in an Executive MBA setting...the land of Qmax, Pmax and Δmax, of Cournot and Bertrand oligopolies and Nash equilibrium...actually, wait a minute! Nash equilibrium? “A Beautiful Mind” Nash? Russell Crowe Nash?! Yup, I know I have your attention now. (As an aside, if you don’t know … Continue reading Wicked Games – Bedroom Economics


What’s the RoI of an MBA?

So I went to this conference yesterday.* I am terrified of conferences. I love the bit about sitting there and listening to (hopefully) interesting people speak, but as I have been told countless times by well-meaning others, that's not the point of conferences - networking is. Conference networking - the dreaded combo. Even writing about … Continue reading What’s the RoI of an MBA?