Singing Lessons

One of the difficult things about being Romanian is that our version of “Happy Birthday” has this very challenging bit at the end. You need serious range (and lung capacity) to get through it, which is why it’s good that you sing it as the party is about to finish, because someone (usually an uncle) … Continue reading Singing Lessons


Social Zen: Mindfulness via Instagram in 7 (Accidental) Steps

You know the expression "monkey mind"? For as long as I can remember, I've suffered from an advanced form of that, which I call "drunken fly" mind: my mind doesn't just jump about like a monkey, it zooms around, bangs against a window, then starts again, in an endless "zoom-bang!" loop. Not good if you're trying to be mindful … Continue reading Social Zen: Mindfulness via Instagram in 7 (Accidental) Steps

No Wonder We’re Tired – We’ve Been Battling Superheroes All Day

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an article announcing that researchers have developed an “emotional atlas” of the human body. With the help of participants in three different countries, the scientists have mapped what basic emotions feel like in the body. The photo accompanying the article (below) shows the areas of increased / decreased sensation … Continue reading No Wonder We’re Tired – We’ve Been Battling Superheroes All Day

When Hearts Need to Take Cover

Saturday started ordinarily enough. My four-year old and I woke up early, we had some cuddles and tickles and then went about our usual pre-breakfast rituals: I went into my study to catch up on friends’ Facebook updates and the weekend newspapers; she went into the living room to draw princesses (this is done mostly … Continue reading When Hearts Need to Take Cover

Power Vs Passion – Who Wins?

During a fairly awful week in the winter of 2014, I ended up having to check into hospital with my son for a few days. I packed like a true introvert - one set of PJs, two books. The first book was required reading for our Paths to Power elective, taught by Gabe Adams, Assistant Professor of Organisation … Continue reading Power Vs Passion – Who Wins?

Wicked Games – Bedroom Economics

  Oh, the joys of managerial economics, as taught in an Executive MBA setting...the land of Qmax, Pmax and Δmax, of Cournot and Bertrand oligopolies and Nash equilibrium...actually, wait a minute! Nash equilibrium? “A Beautiful Mind” Nash? Russell Crowe Nash?! Yup, I know I have your attention now. (As an aside, if you don’t know … Continue reading Wicked Games – Bedroom Economics