Colour, 2021

I'm sleeping in my old bedroom for two nights this week.  The apartment I grew up in is in an old house in Bucharest, built around 1900 and split into flats once the Communists took over. I’ve often wondered how the flats were created; did they decide how many families would move in and then … Continue reading Colour, 2021


#40iscoming and I’m confused about Instagram

I joined Instagram in March 2016, almost three years ago. I was getting ambivalent about Facebook (smiling condescendingly because you detest social media, think it's all a load of cr@p, and would never even get near it? You are a superior human being. Statue on its way. Also, I know you ask your friends to … Continue reading #40iscoming and I’m confused about Instagram

#40iscoming Toolkit 1. The Essential Question – So What Do I Read?

Right. Let me bring you up to speed here, if you haven't read this last post: I'm going to turn 40 in a couple of months' time and I'm trying to figure out how one does that in a Spring Minded way. How do I change digits in a way that's nine parts hopeful and excited … Continue reading #40iscoming Toolkit 1. The Essential Question – So What Do I Read?