#40iscoming and I need a toolkit

Hate reading - or just miss me? Audio version here: I'm going to be 40 in just over two months. That doesn't surprise me. I always thought I'd end up turning 40, if I was lucky enough. But there's something about this number that I'm apparently supposed to dread. I'm supposed to pretend that I'm … Continue reading #40iscoming and I need a toolkit

Is Rock Bottom Inevitable?

Ok, I don't want to get too excited about this just yet, but I think all this chasing after Spring Mind is starting to pay off (and not just because of my mindful Instagramming). I can feel myself getting closer to a Matrix moment: all of the different things I’ve been reading and trying out … Continue reading Is Rock Bottom Inevitable?

No Wonder We’re Tired – We’ve Been Battling Superheroes All Day

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an article announcing that researchers have developed an “emotional atlas” of the human body. With the help of participants in three different countries, the scientists have mapped what basic emotions feel like in the body. The photo accompanying the article (below) shows the areas of increased / decreased sensation … Continue reading No Wonder We’re Tired – We’ve Been Battling Superheroes All Day

Why The MBA Was Worth It

In December 2014, right after receiving my MBA degree in the post, I also received an imperative (and suitably impenetrable) email from the LBS IT department advising me that I would be migrated to alumnus status as of the following Friday, meaning that my school email and electronic storage would shut down. So I was … Continue reading Why The MBA Was Worth It

Power Vs Passion – Who Wins?

During a fairly awful week in the winter of 2014, I ended up having to check into hospital with my son for a few days. I packed like a true introvert - one set of PJs, two books. The first book was required reading for our Paths to Power elective, taught by Gabe Adams, Assistant Professor of Organisation … Continue reading Power Vs Passion – Who Wins?

Where Mothers Get Their Glow

Some things definitely become essential at some point, especially if the last time you had a good night's sleep (and your twenties) are starting to dissolve in the depths of your memory. I'm talking, of course, about make-up. I've been so engrossed in my Strategy assignment until now that I just wrote "mark-up" instead of "make-up", … Continue reading Where Mothers Get Their Glow