No Wonder We’re Tired – We’ve Been Battling Superheroes All Day

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an article announcing that researchers have developed an “emotional atlas” of the human body. With the help of participants in three different countries, the scientists have mapped what basic emotions feel like in the body. The photo accompanying the article (below) shows the areas of increased / decreased sensation … Continue reading No Wonder We’re Tired – We’ve Been Battling Superheroes All Day

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How I made meditation hot – and I mean steamy

Some question are unavoidable on the road to Spring Mind, and one of the simplest ones (we'll just ease into this, shall we?) is whether you should be meditating. It seems like everyone swears by it these days, not just hippies and yoga teachers, but CEOs and very serious scientists. According to Harvard Business Review, meditation builds resilience, boosts … Continue reading How I made meditation hot – and I mean steamy

So Your Spring Just Got Stormy – Now What? Three Quick Tips for Bad (Internal) Weather Days

Remember that thing I said about spring in my last (and first) post? That it can be unpredictable and tempestuous? Well guess what, so can your brain – which is another good reason why aiming for spring-like internal weather is more realistic than wishing for eternal summer (unless you’re Buddha – in which case: dear … Continue reading So Your Spring Just Got Stormy – Now What? Three Quick Tips for Bad (Internal) Weather Days

What’s the Deal with Spring Mind? A DIY Manifesto

“Everywhere you go / You always take the weather with you” sang Crowded House in 1992, and you might be familiar with the song even if 1992 is ancient history to you, because it’s also on the soundtrack of the movie Everest, which only came out last year (remember the party, the night before they … Continue reading What’s the Deal with Spring Mind? A DIY Manifesto

When Hearts Need to Take Cover

Saturday started ordinarily enough. My four-year old and I woke up early, we had some cuddles and tickles and then went about our usual pre-breakfast rituals: I went into my study to catch up on friends’ Facebook updates and the weekend newspapers; she went into the living room to draw princesses (this is done mostly … Continue reading When Hearts Need to Take Cover

The Five Secret Laws of Motherhood

The Five Secret Laws of Motherhood (or the five things I wish someone had told me before I had kids, even though I probably would have decided I knew better and ignored them completely) 1. You will try to become a parenting encyclopedia. So put that book down now. I mean it. I really truly … Continue reading The Five Secret Laws of Motherhood

Simple Living – It’s Complicated

The dream of simple living. Man, how I’ve loved that dream. And, by all accounts, I am not alone – I googled “simple living” and got 113 million results in 0.28 seconds, as well as an intro to the differences between minimalism and simple living. It turns out that the living may be simple, but … Continue reading Simple Living – It’s Complicated

Why The MBA Was Worth It

In December 2014, right after receiving my MBA degree in the post, I also received an imperative (and suitably impenetrable) email from the LBS IT department advising me that I would be migrated to alumnus status as of the following Friday, meaning that my school email and electronic storage would shut down. So I was … Continue reading Why The MBA Was Worth It

Feminist* Advice from Snow Patrol

Because I was feeling all creative today, but mainly because - as my best friend, who is occasionally wise, recently said to me - "not everything has to make sense", I decided to pick some of my favourite top tips from the last Women in Business conference and pair them up with some of my favourite Snow Patrol songs … Continue reading Feminist* Advice from Snow Patrol

Power Vs Passion – Who Wins?

During a fairly awful week in the winter of 2014, I ended up having to check into hospital with my son for a few days. I packed like a true introvert - one set of PJs, two books. The first book was required reading for our Paths to Power elective, taught by Gabe Adams, Assistant Professor of Organisation … Continue reading Power Vs Passion – Who Wins?